Tikal Go Inc is a United States-based company with franchises in Guatemala and Belize, where it has a physical presence and conducts all its operations.

1. Promotion of Experiences: When making a reservation and processing payment with a credit card, we are committed to providing the experience as described in the tour description and corresponding itinerary.

2. Cancellation Policy: Each type of experience may have a different cancellation policy, detailed in the description of each tour and in the itineraries provided to customers. We urge you to carefully review these policies before booking.

3. Customer Safety: Customer safety during tours and experiences is our priority. We take measures to ensure a safe environment in all our activities.

4. Payment Terms: Reservations must be paid within the specified timeframe to confirm the availability of the tour at that time. We reserve the right to cancel unpaid reservations within the specified period.

5. Force Majeure Cancellation: We reserve the right to cancel a tour in cases of force majeure or if we determine that a customer does not meet the necessary physical or mental conditions to participate in the experience, even if they initially accepted the reservation.