Destination: Yaxhá

Departure: Flores Area

Departure Time: 12:00 pm

Return Time: 8:00 pm

Experience a delightful group tour as your Tikal Go Tour Guide picks you up at 12:00 pm from your accommodation in Flores or 12:30 pm at El Remate, marking the beginning of our adventure to Yaxhá.

A scenic 1.5-hour drive will bring us to the entrance of the magnificent Yaxhá Complex. Spanning over 237 square kilometers, this Maya Site is surrounded by the breathtaking Yaxhá and Sacnab Lagoons.

Unveil the rich history of Yaxhá, dating back to the Classic Period from 250 to 600 AD, making it contemporaneous with the renowned City of Tikal. Our knowledgeable Tikal Go Tour Guide will intricately narrate the alliances and connections between these two ancient cities, immersing you in the complex culture and traditions of the Maya civilization.

During our exploration, we’ll visit prominent landmarks such as the Astronomical Complex, the Avenue of the Pilgrims, the Twin Pyramids Complex, and the renowned Temple of the Red Hands, including the famous 216th structure.

Situated amidst the captivating Mayan Biosphere, the City of Yaxhá unveils not only its historical significance but also its rich biodiversity. Prepare to be enthralled by the diverse flora and fauna that have thrived within this hidden gem for centuries.

After our memorable tour, we’ll ensure your safe return by dropping you off at your accommodation in Flores, where you can reflect upon the enchanting journey and cherish the memories created.

Immerse yourself in the elegance and excitement of Yaxhá, a Maya Site in Guatemala that promises a harmonious blend of history, nature, and cultural exploration. Join our captivating group tour and let the wonders of Yaxhá unfold before your eyes, leaving you with a profound appreciation for the extraordinary heritage of the Maya civilization.

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Group tour is not always available. It depends on number of people we have that day. Before book ask us!

12:00 pm:   We pick you up at your hotel in Flores

12:30 pm:   We pick you up at your hotel in El Remate

01:00 pm:   We arrive at Yaxhá 👌🏻

01:30 pm:  We have Lunch (not included)

06:00 pm:   Sunset in Yaxhá

08:00 pm:  Back to Flores

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