Visit one of the largest and most important Maya site in Guatemala.

Your Tikal Go Tour Guide will pick you up at your hotel or at the airport, then you will join the rest of the group and we will drive for about an hour trip before get to Tikal National Park.

Once we are in the Park, let your imagination fly! We’ll enter a mysterious world, where there are more than 3000 structures and only 30% of them are discovered. You will understand how the Mayas lived in the Palaces of the Maya Aristocracy, we’ll teach you what their values were, their structure, their religion.

After 3 to 4 hours of tour, we’ll end up delighting ourselves with a typical Guatemalan food in the best restaurant of the Park.

Discover the history of the Mayas and take a step into their culture where science, maths, wars, arranged marriages between families, religious sacrifices and their impressive capacity to build, and understand why this mysterious civilization was one of the most important of the history.

This price do not include 5 % credit card fee.

07:30 am   We pick you up at your hotel in Flores

09:30 am   We arrive at Tikal

01:30 pm   We have lunch (5 options)

04:30 pm   We go back to Flores

Ground Transportation

Tour Guide

Entrance Fee


One of the best experiences of your life! 😜

Beverages in the restaurant


Comfortable shoes + Medicines  you might need + Sunblock + Insect repellent +A lot of energy 😝

7 days before the booking date: You get full refund.

6 to 3 days before the booking date: You get 50% refund.

48 hours before the booking date: There is no refund policy.

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