• Groups no bigger than 10 PAX. Available every day.
  • Destination: Tikal National Park
  • Departure: Flores Area
  • Departure Time: 07:45 am
  • Return Time: 04:30 pm 

Embark on a captivating journey to Tikal, one of Guatemala’s largest and most significant Maya ruins. Experience the wonders of Tikal with the guidance of your expert Tikal Go Tour Guide. Whether you’re picked up at your hotel or the airport, our team ensures a seamless start to your adventure.

As we venture towards Tikal National Park, which is approximately an hour’s drive away, prepare to be enthralled. Step into a mysterious world where over 3000 structures await, with only 30% of them unearthed. Let your imagination soar as we explore the palaces of the Maya aristocracy, delving into their values, social structure, and religious practices.

During the 3 to 4-hour tour, you’ll gain insight into the rich history of the Mayas. Marvel at their impressive architectural prowess and learn about their scientific achievements, mathematical knowledge, warfare strategies, arranged marriages, and religious sacrifices. The enigmatic allure of this civilization makes it a crucial chapter in history.

Concluding the tour, indulge in a delectable traditional Guatemalan meal at the park’s finest restaurant. Immerse yourself in the essence of Maya culture and grasp the profound impact they had on our world.

This price does not include 5 % credit card fee.

07:30 am   We pick you up at your hotel in Flores

09:30 am   We arrive at Tikal

01:30 pm   We have lunch (5 options)

04:30 pm   We go back to Flores

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