One of the nicest adventures in Belize. Navigate a River and visit a spectacular Maya Site!

Destination: Lamanai, Belize

Departure: Belize City

Departure Time: 08:00

Return Time: 18:00

The tour initially departs from Belize City, can be from the Cruise Terminal, or from the Water Taxi if you are coming from the Cayes or from your hotel in the City.

We will drive 49 miles to the north of the country to the district of Orange Walk; where you will experience a mix culture of, Mennonites, Mestizos, creole all living harmoniously together like the ancient natives of this soil the Mayan Indians.

Along this 49 mile Van ride, experience the local communities while your guide gives you the history of your surroundings.

This journey will last for approximately an hour, once at the boat docks restrooms will be available before boarding the boat for the second part of the adventure.

Now we will be cruising along the new river for 25 miles looking at the rich flora and fauna in their natural habitat. A wide species of birds, plants, orchids and wildlife that was essential to natives for trade and medicinal uses and still being practiced by this new generation.

Then gear up for your hike through the sub- tropical rainforest, as you look through the lush greenery for wildlife such as, birds and the sight or sound of the protected black howler monkeys in the canopy of trees; as you burst out into great plazas with magnificent monumental structures like the jaguar temple, dedicated to one of the most powerful gods of the Mayas, relax under the shaded tree canopy and enjoy a metropolitan state that survived for over 1500 years up until the arrival of the Europeans in the late 15th and 16th century, when this great city came to a final collapse. In this great city you will be exploring four Major temples including the royal complex and the Ball court area. After seeing this magnificent site we will be making a delicious homemade Belizean lunch before our way back to the starting point.

This price does not include 5 % credit card fee.

NOTE: if you are coming in a Cruise let us know we have special prices for groups

08:00 am:   We pick you up in Belize City

09:15 am:   Arriving at Orange Walk

09:30 am:   Start the Tour

11:30 am:   Arriving to Lamanai

02:30 pm:   Belizean Lunch

06:00 pm:   Arriving at your place in Belize City

Comfortable shoes

Medicines  you might need


Insect repellent

A lot of energy 😝

7 days before the booking date: You get full refund.

6 to 3 days before the booking date: You get 50% refund.

48 hours before the booking date: There is no refund policy.