Regresa en el Tiempo y conoce la verdadera Historia de Guatemala

Destination: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Departure: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Departure Time: 08:30

Return Time: 16:30

The best way to get to know a country is to explore its history, and the best way to delve into its history is by discovering the most important museums. That’s why we have designed this tour with the idea of understanding the roots of Guatemala, from the time of the Maya civilization, through the conquest, and up to modern times.

We will start early in the day by picking you up from your hotel or the airport. Our first stop will be the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, where we will encounter various artifacts discovered in different parts of Guatemala. These artifacts provide insight into how the Maya civilization developed in different geographical areas of the country. From there, we will travel by car, passing through two main avenues of the city, Las Americas and La Reforma, to reach the Museum Ixchel of Traditional Costume.

At the Museum Ixchel, we will learn about the different traditional costumes worn in different regions of Guatemala. Through this, we will gain an understanding of the symbolism, the reasons behind the use of certain colors, and the influence of Spanish culture during the conquest. It is essential to visit these two museums, as you will encounter people dressed in traditional attire during your journey through various parts of the country, and this will help you appreciate the significance of their attire.

Leaving the second museum, we will head to the Historic Center, where we will walk along Sixth Avenue, perhaps the most famous and oldest avenue in the city, and make our way to the National Palace Museum. In this place, we will understand the importance of this iconic building constructed by Jorge Ubico. We will uncover all the secrets of the building, the president’s whims, and relate it to the country’s contemporary history.

To conclude the tour, we will visit the Central Market, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a typical lunch before we head back to your hotel.

This tour will allow you to grasp the cultural diversity of Guatemala and provide you with the opportunity to explore the most emblematic sites of this vibrant city. Embark on this adventure and gain a deeper understanding of Guatemala’s rich heritage in a serious yet intellectually stimulating and enjoyable way.

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08:30 am:   We pick you up at your hotel or airport

09:00 am:   Arriving at Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

10:30 pm:   Depart to Las Americas and La Reforma

11:00 pm:  Arriving at Museo Ixchel

12:15 pm:   Depart to historic Center

12:45 pm:   Arriving to Sexta Avenida

13:00 pm:   Lunch

02:30 pm:   We Arrive to National Palace

04:30 pm:   Back to your hotel in Guatemala City

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