Flight for 35 minutes each way above the Rainforest and land in a secret place

Destination: El Mirador

Departure: Flores, Guatemala

Departure Time: 07:30

Return Time: 16:15

Embark on an extraordinary and elegant adventure with our exclusive Maya Helicopter Tour to El Mirador, home to the majestic La Danta pyramid. If you desire to witness the largest pyramid in the world, soar above the breathtaking Maya Biosphere, explore the ancient roads of mankind’s history, and visit the largest city of the Pre-classic Maya Era, then this tour is tailor-made for you.

We will pick you up from your place in the Flores area and transport you to the helipad where we will embark on an unforgettable helicopter journey. As we soar above the lush Guatemalan jungle for approximately 35 minutes, you will feel a sense of awe and anticipation building.

As we approach El Mirador Base Camp, our helicopter gently lands, signaling the start of a captivating 4 to 5-hour exploration. Step back in time and gain a profound understanding of why this ancient civilization held such significance in the annals of human history.

During the tour, we will ascend the two main structures at El Mirador: the El Tigre complex and the iconic La Danta pyramid. El Tigre rises to an impressive height of about 55 meters (189 feet), while La Danta stands tall at approximately 70 meters (230 feet), making it not only the tallest Maya temple in the world but also the largest man-made structure in terms of volume. Prepare to be awestruck as you stand atop this monumental structure, marveling at its grandeur.

To enhance your experience, we will enjoy a delightful lunch atop the pyramid, immersing ourselves in the secrets and mysteries of this incredible site, nestled near the border with Mexico.

Be among the privileged few who have ventured into one of the most remote and remarkable places on Earth. Join us on this exclusive Maya Helicopter Tour to El Mirador and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Book your elegant and adventurous journey today and discover the captivating allure of El Mirador and the ancient Maya civilization.

This price does not include a 5 % credit card fee.

We have a minimum of 3 px per flight you can join the group if you have any on that particular date or you will be refunded it

07:30 am:   We pick you up from your hotel in Flores Area

08:30 am:   We start the helicopter tour from the Mundo Maya Airport 🚁

09:00 am:   We arrive to El Mirador

01:00 pm:   We have Lunch

03.30 pm:   We leave El Mirador

04:00 pm:   We arrive to Mundo Maya Airport 🚁

4:15 pm: Back to your hotel in Flores

NOTE: We could modify the schedule depending on weather conditions


Comfortable shoes

Medicines  you might need


Insect repellent

A lot of energy 😝

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