An Incredible and really important Site close to the River

Destination: Aguateca

Departure: Flores, Guatemala

Departure Time: 08:00

Return Time: 17:00

Aguateca is an archaeological site occupied from approximately 700 to 850 AD. It was a city founded by Dos Pilas and served as the last capital of the Petexbatun state. It is highly likely that it was established for security and surveillance reasons, given its enviable geographic position. Aguateca is a hidden gem that offers a unique adventure for those seeking Maya sites in Guatemala.

We will pick you up early in the morning from your hotel in Flores, El Remate, or one of the hotels in Tikal National Park. From there, we will head south towards the Peten region, where a boat will be waiting for us. We will navigate the beautiful and natural La Pasion River, which allows us to observe various bird species before reaching our destination.

At the site, you will find structures, monuments, eight stelae, three plazas, two palaces, and several temples. There is also a small museum that showcases many well-preserved everyday and ceremonial objects hidden within diverse structures. Aguateca was abruptly abandoned and never re-inhabited, providing archaeologists with a rare opportunity to discover these remarkable artifacts.

This site is off the beaten path and often overlooked, but it is truly worth a visit, especially if you are fascinated by the Maya civilization. Our advice is to take your time exploring Aguateca as it offers a more intimate and remote experience of Maya culture. The natural surroundings add an extra touch to this adventure, immersing you in the jungle with rivers, trees, wildlife, and a rich history. It’s an experience you simply can’t miss.

Embark on this unforgettable journey and delve into the hidden secrets of the Maya civilization.

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08:00 am:  We pick you up at your hotel in Flores

09:30 am:  We arrive at Sayaxché where we’ll board the boat

10:30 am:   We arrive at the Archaeological place of Aguateca

01:00 pm:   We have Lunch

03:00 pm:   We go back to Sayaxché

05:00 pm:   We arrive at your hotel in Flores

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