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Tour of San Ignacio Belize to Tikal

Tour of San Ignacio Belize to Tikal

Enjoy the best views, the best treatment and the best experiences when traveling with us.

Our tour from San Ignacio Belize to the border of Guatemala shows you an incredible tour full of vegetation, beautiful landscapes and jungles that you can only watch in movies or documentaries, in our tours you can see all that live and in full color. Enjoy the fresh air from each of the magical stops that are included in the tour, and for a $20 fee you can reach your destination with the greatest comfort,  enjoying the enormous vegetation from the border to the Maya city  of Tikal.

If you have dreamed of doing something different on your vacation, creating great memories and exciting experiences, but in the safest, most comfortable and fun way, TikalGO is the option for you. The dream places you want to visit are closer than you can imagine, make every moment magical in these ancient places full of culture, art and history worthwhile, take the best pictures of your trip to Tikal and save the experiences in your memory.

Are you still thinking about it? We will help you to make the decision, imagine a quiet tour where you will enjoy the best atmosphere, the perfect weather, the pollution-free air and peacefullness, We know what you want! so we will make sure every part of this tour will be of your liking. If you are looking for the right time, this is it, if you are looking for the right place to travel, this is it, do not overthink it and take the best option to live every day free as an adventurer, you are what you live , so live in freedom.

Only with TikalGo you can enjoy the best adventures confident that you will arrive at your safe and quiet destination, you do not have to worry about anything other than enjoying your trip and resting, everything we prepare for you we do with the sole reason that you can live to the fullest each of the routes you do, full of art culture and mysticism.

Visiting a place as beautiful as Tikal enjoying a tour of Pertén trails  will make you want to know every part of the history of the people who inhabited the region 200 and 900 AD in full splendor. In Guatemala you can find very varied cultures full of ancestral riches and places full of beautiful landscapes, pristine waters and perfect weather.

Your vacations are waiting for you, you can enjoy this tour whenever you want and be part of a privileged group of people who love adventure, We know we mention a lot the word “Adventure” but that is what we want you to experience, something incredible, full of enjoyment and full of magnificent things that you will take with you, some material objects and palpable as the souvenirs of a store and other intangible ones, full of memories that will only wake up in you the desire to come back to these magical lands full of magic and flavors.

Guatemala and Belize, neighboring countries but with different cultures, different languages ​​that only increase the desire to know them both, each with its peculiarities, beauty, culture, and landscapes. They may be close but the learning of each one and what they offer to vistors is different. Waiting to visit them is not an option, you can do it now with all the facilities and flexibility that TIkalGo offers you. Do not look for excuses to travel any longer, and visit this small part of the world, small in size and huge in diversity, culture and magic, life from the jungle awaits you, your camera stored in that corner is waiting for you to bring it and take the best photographs of these incredible places.

We are ready to receive you! This tour is waiting for you to enjoy and be the one who tells the greatest stories at the meetings back in your home. We know that if you come once you will want to come many more times, because in each our our tours, we make sure our travel companions fall in love. Each view , each part of these lands enchants its visitors by allowing them to have the most pleasant experiences they have lived and the most incredible journey they have ever had, everything is ready, planned with you in mind. Enjoy every moment of this tour. Book now and be our adventure partner!


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