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Learn more about this Colonial City, the ancient capital of Central America, a magical place full of mysticism.

$50 / per person

Come and visit the towns surrounding Antigua and learn more about how people live in the interior of the country ?

$125 / per person

Visit the most beautiful lake in the world, surrounded by volcanoes and small Mayan villages where you will be part of the traditions and the customs of our millenary civilization.

$225 / per person

Guatemala is a country with 37 volcanoes, only 3 of them are active and one of them is the Pacaya. Near the City of Antigua this volcano is one of the most important destinations of the Republic.

$155 / per person

If you want to coddle yourself and you want something to suit you, the best thing is this tour with a private plane, so you can enjoy a customized schedule!

$1100 / per person

The number 1 tour for our clients, all included in the incredible archaeological place of Tikal. What to do with more people when you can do it with your partner and your family?

$375 / per person