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Altún Ha is a small archaeological place of approximately 8 square kilometers. Due to its proximity to the sea it's very important from the strategic point of view. You can't lose this!

$115 / per person

Learn more about this Colonial City, the ancient capital of Central America, a magical place full of mysticism.

$50 / per person

Come and visit the towns surrounding Antigua and learn more about how people live in the interior of the country ?

$125 / per person

A mix of adventure and archeology in this tour that is the best selling in Belize. If you want to immerse yourself in the middle of nature, discover mystical caves and understand more about human sacrifices this is the tour indicated for you!

$125 / per person

This lagoon is part of a beautiful place, where the visitor can swim in its crystal clear waters. Likewise, the vegetation in the background is visible thanks to the clarity of the water and creates a beautiful underwater garden.

$150 / per person

This tour you'll visit the third largest lake in Guatemala. This tour is ideal if you have half a day off to be able to cool off in this wonderful lake. Did you know that the legend says that if you drink water from the Lake of Peten Itzá you'll stay here to live? Come…

$85 / per person

Caracol is the most important Mayan place in Belize and one of the most important in the entire Mayan civilization. Don't miss this tour loaded with adventure!

$115 / per person

Cave Tubing & Zipline tour is one of the best-selling tours in Belize. A double tour where you'll have a unique opportunity to enjoy and relax in this incredible adventure…

$130 / per person

Visit the second most important coral reef in the world, swim with mantras, sharks, turtles and see the reef up close without having to be a diving master. This tour has it all!

$85 / per person

Don't miss this Maya place, it’s not so commercial but it’s very wild and mysterious. Come to this super adventure!

$165 / per person

If you want to know the largest pyramid in the world, La Danta, fly over the Mayan Biosphere, see the first roads of the history of mankind and visit the largest city of the Pre-classic Mayan era. This is your tour. Few people have had the opportunity to know this place in one of the…

$650 $550 / per person