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Tikal Mayan City

Tikal Mayan City

Tikal is one of the most important destinations in Guatemala. It was a major Maya city which flourished between 300 and 850 CE. The city, known to the Maya themselves as Mutul, is one of the grandest in Mesoamerica.

Tikal is also part of the one-million-hectare Maya Biosphere Reserve it is a protected area in the region.

Remember to spot the following temples on your visit:

The Temple of the Grand Jaguar (Temple I) and the Temple of the Masks (Temple II) look like a pair of colossal bookends on opposite sides of the Great Plaza, a vast expanse ringed by terraces, palaces and ball courts.

In this major Mayan City you can not only appreciate this ancient monuments but also vast fauna and flora around the area.

The most popular tours of Tikal are the sunrise and sunset tours. Tikal Go organizes both tours to this majestic city , please send us a message for more information.

We can arrange a couple package if you are organizing an anniversary, engagement or any other special occasion.