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Tour to Tikal and its important pyramids

Tour to Tikal and its important pyramids

If you want to visit Tikal and enjoy its huge jungle, its incredible pyramids, its history, culture and everything that is still hidden in that green mantle covered by trees, the first thing you should do is learn a little more about this place. Tikal is a place rich in ancient history, astrology, incredible stories and legends stored in stone walls and pyramids built over a thousand years ago. In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know about each of these incredible structures.


The trip begins with the park’s most emblematic pyramid, named El Gran Jaguar or Temple I, a traditional symbol of TIkal and a rockstar being the most photographed of all. , This Mayan ruler pyramid built by Hasaw Cha’an Kawil, (682- 721 AD), a  stepped pyramid with a height of 47 meters, was the first to be discovered in March 1848 by the Governor of Petén, Modesto Méndez, this pyramid looked very different when it was discovered, it had some wood inlays and more details that could be appreciated carefully, however over the years and when they were shown to the public people who looted and robbed took several of the pieces of the main structure.

Over the great discovery in the middle of the jungle now called TIKAL, more buildings were found buried between mountains of dirt, trees and plants, with a great story that would tell time later, one of them is The Temple of the Masks or (Temple II) another of the great monuments of this park, which, like El Gran Jaguar, has an accumulation of history and importance in mathematics and astrology, the main focus of the Maya, discovered just after the temple I. Together there are another important places such as the Temple of the Two-headed Serpent (Temple IV) and the Temple of the Inscriptions (Temple VI), as well as squares, memorials of the Lost World, ball game fields, twin pyramid complexes, a huge collection of carved monuments and lots of peripheral sites around it.

Of course, we cannot forget the huge and unmistakable Mayan Stelae, full of information that served to learn more about the history and development of this incredible civilization. If you want to know a little more about each of them at TIKAL GO we take you on a tour not only so that you know them from the outside but also to know more about their origin, who inhabited them? For how long? and of course to go through every corner of the important places of the petenera jungle, with hidden stories waiting for you to meet and enjoy.

Get carried away by an incredible tour of Tikal, at TIkal GO we will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the park, for a price of $ 85 you can take an incredible tour of more than 3000 sculptures, a paradise jungle, we will take you to the temple I El Gran Jaguar and Temple II or Temple of the Masks, have a huge Mayan world to travel, do it with us. 

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We will take you through the most incredible scenarios that have even been scenes of important films such as Star Wars and James Bond, just imagine the incredible world that awaits you, the song of the birds, the pure air, and the greenest view in all the extension From the word from the pyramids, take the best photographs and be filled with memories that will remain forever, the Mayan world awaits for you, so that you learn from it, visit and live the experience that Tikal Go has for you.

Tikal Guatemala, a culture, a civilization and a lot of history that is still undiscovered, imagine the incredible world that awaits you, all the mysticism and signs of astrology that gave life in one of the most hidden places in the world. What are you waiting for? With Tikal Go you can visit the heart of the Mayan world and how an incredible civilization was born.