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Tikal from Belize

Tikal from Belize

The best way to enjoy a tour to Tikal, from Belize, is through a private tour. Tikal Go offers you the possibility to be picked up at your hotel in San Ignacio area or any other part of the country, helps you in customs procedures in Belize and Guatemala, provides you with transportation with the best security standards and offers you the Best English speaking tour guides in the region. You can ask for a tour to Tikal in the lobby of your hotel or in any tourism agency in Belize but surely it will be more expensive and you will not be able to give a service to the measure since they will have to buy the tour to a Guatemalan operator. Tikal Go offers you a personalized service from the preparation of your tour to Tikal. Ask if you want a tour focused on archeology, anthropology, nature, typical food, let us know if you have a special request, we have clients who get engaged in temple 4 and we prepare flowers, we have others who just want to be in the middle of nature then we prepare a tour of the wildest trails of Tikal, others who want to celebrate a Mayan ceremony and we have clients who want to better sleep one day on the shores of the wonderful lake Petén Itzá.

Tikal is unique in the world and the best thing you can do is organize your tour with the best. Tikal Go takes you to know the wonderful world of the Mayans.